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EPS Signage and 3D lettering gets you noticed

3D signage is sure to get your brand or product noticed - its the first thing everyone sees and from quite a distance. 3D signage and EPS lettering has a unique look that simply can't be matched by other signs.

3D signs grabs people's attention in a way that traditional or digital signs simply cant – making an immediate impact for your business.

An ideal material for 3D low cost signage, Expanded Polystrene (EPS) is also highly durable, lightweight, cost effective, versatile and overall easy to use.KmartOK

Using precision hotwire cutting, expanded polystyrene blocks can be creative in a range of original and imaginative signs and letter designs. Using precision cutting, Foamex can recreate any logo, any messages or images you need. Letters and signs can be painted in corporate or your nominated colours.

3D signage is also a cost-efficient form of advertising being is highly durable, waterproof and sturdy it will be a long lasting signage solution.

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