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Energy assessment and environmentally friendly manufacturing


Energy Assessment and Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

The interesting similarity between the economical and the environmental is that they are both linked to survival. One deals with the survival of the business, while the other the survival of the planet.

Foamex takes both of these elements very seriously. We take pride in being a long-serving leader in Australia’s manufacturing industry. Equally, we are proud of the fact that as a corporate citizen we carefully consider how our business impacts the environment, and how we can minimise that impact. 

Managing manufacturing costs

In manufacturing the cost of energy is one of the most expensive parts of doing business. Running large manufacturing machinery for long hours consumes a great deal of energy.

In September 2018, Foamex underwent an energy assessment at one of its production facilities in order to discover possible cost savings and determine where we can improve our energy management.

The assessment identified areas where we could reduce our annual greenhouse gas emissions by 399t CO2-e and our electricity usage by 422,000kWh, amounting to a potential annual saving of $144,000 in energy costs.

Having an in-depth analysis of our energy use and how we could better manage our energy consumption led to positive changes in terms of our business cost and the environmental impact of our business. 

Reinvesting savings back into the business

The potential savings in energy costs will enable us to further invest in our business. We will look at where we can improve our internal processes, replace outdated with more energy efficient alternatives and investigate new innovations that will enable the business to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Minimizing our impact on the environment has always been a key concern in how we operate as a business. Our environmentally friendly approach can be found in how we manufacture our various polystyrene products and recycle and repurpose the offcut pieces. In fact, much of our production uses recycled polystyrene. We accept large quantities of unwanted polystyrene products from members of the public in order to reduce the amount of polystyrene that ends up in a landfill.

We supply our construction and building customers with recycling bags so they can bag up their leftover polystyrene for us to pick up and recycle. This leftover polystyrene is granulated and repurposed for other products, and therefore minimizing waste in the environment and reducing landfill.

Read more about approach to sustainability here, or contact us on 02 9773 1655 or by filling out our Online Enquiry Form to discuss how your polystyrene product needs.


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