By Foamex on Friday, 07 July 2017
Category: Foamex - Innovative Polystyrene

Efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand

Building sites can be a bustling hub of activity any time of the day. Filled with tradies, their apprentices, site supervisors and vehicles of all different shapes and sizes, jostling for limited space to get their work done. 

Which is why it’s important that great care is taken in ensuring a safe and efficient work site. But for this to happen, everyone on-site, or visiting, needs to play their part in making this happen. That’s why Foamex goes to great lengths to contribute to a well-run site.


All Foamex polystyrene products are delivered to the construction site in a responsible and safe manner. Before leaving to make a delivery, we ensure that all pods are tied down in accordance with industry approved methods, to prevent not only damage, but blow a-ways as well.

On-Site and Removal

Foamex provides all clients with bags for clean-up on-site, making it easier, and more efficient, for contractors to be able to store waste until it can be removed. We also work closely with contractors to arrange pick-up of all unused waste or end-of-use EPS products. It is then transported to our manufacturing facility, where it will be granulated safely for use in other products. 


Foamex expanded polystyrene is a versatile product, in both application and recyclability. Some of its key benefits include:

 Foamex is proud of its processes to ensure a cleaner and safer environment, and we are constantly looking at ways in which to improve.

We are also fully committed to the practice of recycling EPS manufacturing waste, as well as the conversion of EPS in to other products as part of the recycling process. 

Responsibility needs to be at all levels, and at every stage.