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Don’t throw away your foam packaging


Polystyrene is the material of choice for a range of packaging applications, including electronic equipment, white goods, toys and other fragile products.

The benefits of using polystyrene packaging starts with the fact that it’s lightweight. Not adding any extra weight is a cost effective transportation solution that saves on costs and labour. It can be easily shaped to create form-fitting spaces to provide maximum protection for delicate and fragile items. Polystyrene is strong, sturdy, and has high compressive strength, making it ideal for protecting valuable items. 

So this Christmas morning, when all the excitement has died down, and the clean-up begins, put to one side the polystyrene packaging and try a few of these little projects when you want something to do with the kids over the holidays. 

Foam City Models

Taking some of the denser packaging, from the likes of major electricals, with nothing more than a permanent marker the kids can draw windows and doors on the foam to create buildings.With a little creativity, and adult supervision, using art and craft sculpting tools will enable them add extra detail to their buildings, and tailor it to their imagination. 

At Home Science Projects

Getting the kids to use the foam to create something educational may not be an easy task, but the challenge may just be enough to get them interested. Get them to create little dioramas of different environments, which can be later used with their existing toys. 

science projects school projects

Build a Robot

Alternatively, they can create a robot out of the mish-mash of pieces. Not only will it be fun to see what they come up with, it also requires less tools (glue only) but more imagination to create. It may not be as tall as the above, but will be quite astonishing. 


All of Foamex’s polystyrene products are 100% recyclable and are collected from building and construction sites in a responsible manner. 

From everyone here at Foamex, have a great festive season.  


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