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Can you repurpose Foamex products?


When people think of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, or polystyrene foam in general, they tend to think of the foam hamburger containers from the 80’s, which was believed to be responsible for mass pollution and landfill. 

Since then there has been a massive change in public opinion, which has evolved into businesses becoming more responsible for their products, and not leaving it up to the public. This may have manifested itself in the way products are manufactured, such as the change of a process to reduce waste, or the composition of recycled and new materials used to make the product. Or the business could be offering a waste removal service, effectively removing the added responsibility from the end-user back to the producer. 

Any business that produces products must now consider the impact their production, and product, has on the overall environment, and then find ways in which to reduce that impact. 

One way in which companies are doing this is by working out how their products can be reused, which is something that Foamex is proud to say they are at the forefront of with their EPS products. 

Foamex takes every precaution to reduce wastage in manufacturing and delivery. We also proactively engage with contractors to arrange pick-up of unused waste, or end-of-use EPS for transportation back to our facilities. Once there, our granulating machines reduce moulded EPS in to beads that can be easily repurposed in to new products. 

This essentially means that all EPS products manufactured by Foamex can be, or have been, repurposed and not ended up in landfill. EPS has a versatility rarely found in most materials, and the fact that it can also be repurposed after being manufactured in to a product means that versatility is limitless.

When you are placing your next order through Foamex, feel free to discuss our waste bags and pick-up service with one of our consultants, or with your account manager if you have not already done so.


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