By Foamex on Thursday, 26 September 2013
Category: Polystyrene Building Products

Can I extend a brick home using polystyrene?

One of the key challenges you may face when deciding to extend or renovate your 50’s red bricker or classic 70’s cream brick home is matching the right shade and tone of brick. The exact same bricks are very rarely still available so attempts to match the bricks can result in a  close but not exact match that looks like an add on, rather than a natural flow on from the original home.

Polystyrene is an ideal building material solution for home renovations and extensions, adding to the thermal insulation and comfort of the home while able to be rendered in any colour. So you can turn your classic brick home in to a new, improved and larger home fully rendered in any colour and texture you wish using polystyrene building materials.

Increase your thermal R value extending with polystyrene building materials

Double brick walls have a relatively poor R value and their high thermal mass takes considerable energy to bring them up to temperature. However in contrast, polystyrene building materials has excellent thermal insulation properties and renovating or extending using polystyrene will increase the overall R value of your home.

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