By Foamex on Thursday, 25 February 2016
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Building green can increase asset value

A new report, World Green Building Trends 2016: Developing Markets Accelerate Global Green Growth, has reported that Australia’s growth in green building projects is being led by the low-rise residential sector. For home owners who are building green, the report also found that globally, building owners report seeing a median increase of seven per cent in the asset value of their green buildings compared to traditional buildings whether it is a new building or a refurbished or retrofitted green one.

The same report also highlighted that fifty per cent of Australian respondents said that reducing energy use and protecting natural resources were the top environmental reasons for building green.

A UK 2013 report highlighted that energy efficient improvements can increase the value of your home by 38%. While this seems like a very high figure, houses that are more energy efficient are certainly easier to sell and often fetch higher prices.