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Build Better with Diamond Pods

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The building industry has seen many changes, and evolved many times, in order to find safer and more efficient methods and materials to use. From single to double storey dwellings, wood and stone to concrete, built-onsite to pre-fabricated. Although we are only scraping the tip of the iceberg, all these innovations and changes have enabled homes and buildings to be built faster and safer than ever before.



Foamex Diamond Pods, a polystyrene waffle pod system, is leading the way in alternative foundation filling solutions, providing support and increased thermal insulation. Using Foamex Diamond Pods, construction is quicker and more cost effective than traditional concrete foundations. The most popular reasons for choosing the Foamex Diamond Pod polystyrene system over a traditional concrete foundation include:


Stability and Support with Diamond Pods

A traditional concrete slab can crack and move within the soil as a result of heat, humidity and wet weather. The Diamond Pod system will move with the building and absorb the pressure of the heave, leaving your slab in structurally intact.


Insulation of Diamond Pods Waffle Pod System

Excellent insulation from the natural air pockets in the expanded polystyrene (EPS) and the specially designed moulded cells within the Foamex Diamond Pod. This also means there is an increased thermal “R” value due to the house foundation being made up of insulating EPS, with a layer of concrete over the top. This thermal mass then acts as an insulated bank.


Ease of Use of Diamond Pods

Minimal earthworks as there are no internal trenches to dig. Diamond Pods also bring the house further out of ground – beneficial in areas that are more prone to wet weather – due to the pods sitting on the site, as opposed to in the ground, which also means less environmental disturbances during construction.


Cost Effective


With less concrete needing to be poured, not only do you save money on requiring less concrete, but you also save money on labour as construction is quicker and therefore less time is spent prepping the site. Also, work can continue in adverse weather due to foam’s ability to repel rain, meaning your completion date is not pushed out.




To find out more about how the Foamex Diamond Pods, or any other Foamex product, can help your build, contact your local Foamex office, or complete our Online Enquiry Form.


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