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Add insulation from the ground up when building your home


The Foamex Diamond Pod Slab System is a better way of building concrete slabs for new homes, extensions or commercial buildings.

The Foamex Diamond Pod Slab lies above the surface, as opposed to traditional foundations, which are dug into the earth. The on ground slab creates air pockets which form an extra insulating layer between the build structure and the ground.DiamondPodSpacerGraphic

The Foamex Diamond Pod Slab System offers long term thermal “R” values with the house foundation being made up of insulating EPS with a layer of concrete over the top. This develops a thermal mass that acts as an insulated bank.

The inclusion of EPS pods in a slab adds an insulation benefit of up to R1.0 (W/mK Thermal Resistance) to the slab. While making the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, this also reduces the overall energy consumption in the house.

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