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COVID-19 continues to present a unique and challenging environment on many different levels. The 7 day snap lockdown across Victoria being the most recent setback, with stage 3 restrictions in force.

Here at Foamex we are closely monitoring the situation and following the direction from the Victorian Government and The Department of Health regarding our approach towards COVID-19.

As a critical service provider to the construction, food and medical industries, it is our intention to put the health and safety of all people first, whilst ensuring that we maintain serviceability and productivity at our manufacturing plants across the country.

Foamex is committed to the utmost Health and Safety and wellbeing of all its employees and the community, and has implemented strict practices and controls to maintain a COVID-19 safe workplace.

The following are some of the continued efforts we have employed to keep our communities safe:

  • All Foamex staff and contractors have received an updated briefing on the coronavirus-related workplace health and safety policies. This includes upgraded restrictions across  Victoria. The importance of social distancing, proper hygiene practices, wearing Personal Protective Equipmen (PPE), in addition to the signs and symptoms of the virus have been reinforced.
  • Foamex is registered as a COVID Safe Business. We have developed a COVID-19 Safety Plan across all factories.
  • We are strictly adhering to transport and freight practices, and obtaining the correct permits to cross NSW and SA borders.
  • All delivery drivers must continue to wear PPE at all times, and follow a strict checklist as it relates to their interactions with customers. As such, practices such as signing for deliveries have ceased.
  • A QR-Code check in procedure is in place for traceability.
  • Delivery drivers will be equipped with a sanitary pack that they will be using regularly and frequently throughout the day after picking up and dropping off.
  • We have restricted all in-person meetings and adopted the use of video conferencing and collaboration platforms.
  • All business travel has ceased until further notice.
  • Where possible, all staff in Victoria are working from home. For those who are required to remain at the premises, workplace bubbles have been created to limit interaction.
  • Strict control measures have been implemented for Office and Factory sanitisation, with increased hand sanitizers, disinfectant soaps and an increased frequency of office surface cleaning.

Rest assured, raw material stocks continue to remain in healthy supply. Over the 30 years of doing business in this sector, we have established quantified supply lines from ISO certified Raw Material suppliers globally.

Should you have any questions or require further information about how we are managing aspects of our business, and the delivery of your services during this time, please contact your respective state office any time.

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