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30-Month Exposure Test Confirms Expanded Polystyrene R-Value Retention

30-Month Exposure Test Confirms Expanded Polystyrene R-Value Retention


A 30-month test to evaluate the durability of expanded polystyrene (EPS) has confirmed that EPS retains its R-value over time, even during periods of heavy rains.

The project, conducted by the Expanded Polystyrene Association of Canada (EPAC), measured the insulation performance and moisture content of expanded polystyrene in different weather conditions over 30 months. The research verified claims that EPS insulation retained its specified thermal performance over time, even after freeze-thaw cycling. There was no change in material properties or loss in thermal resistance during the 30 month field exposure period.

The research also concluded that despite exposure to water from heavy rains and major thaws, there was no evidence of water penetration through walls. EPS insulation that was exposed to high moisture soil conditions was also found to have less than 0.5% moisture content at the end of the 30 month exposure period, making expanded polystyrene insulation ideal for conditions where moisture resistance is a must.

Foamex’s expanded polystyrene is ideal in numerous applications such as civil engineering projects, insulation, and packaging. Its high R-value retention and high moisture resistance rate makes it ideal for protection against the elements such as heavy rains or high moisture soil.

As a national industry leader in the development of expanded and extruded polystyrene, you can trust that Foamex’s expanded polystyrene products are suitable for your commercial and residential needs. Contact Foamex today for your expanded polystyrene requirements today.

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