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Insulate yourself, winter is coming!

Insulate yourself winter is coming

Now that the sun has almost set on summer, the predictions for the upcoming winter have started to trickle in like the first cool breaths under the door and through the floorboards. But it doesn’t have to be like that.


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How to manage energy efficiency in the Australian climate

Australian climate insulation

Australia can be a land of extremes when it comes to weather. We are able to bear the everyday temperatures quite well, but it is only when things become extreme that we wished we had installed air-conditioning or heating in the home. Once they have been bought and installed, we’re still reluctant to use them because of the energy costs associated with the running them. Yet what most are unaware, is that insulation is one of the best ways in which to lower heating and cooling costs throughout the year.


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At the heart of the ocean


Generally, we discuss the merit behind the application of foam within the construction industry, however in this blog we will take a detour down a coastal highway. Foam’s versatility has helped evolve a pastime that has been part of the Australian culture since 1915. Surfing.

First introduced to Australia in 1915 by Hawaiian legend Duke Kahanamoku, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that surfing’s popularity really started to take off in Australia thanks to a visit by Hawaiian and mainland American lifeguards. During their display, the crowds were treated to the sight of the increased performance capabilities that fiberglass/balsawood boards possessed. These shorter and lighter designs, now equipped with fins and rocker, were already popular in California and able to manoeuvre and accelerate across the face of a wave.

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New year, new gear: Affordable signage for small business


With 2017 in the rear view mirror, we can now turn our gaze towards the future and opportunities and possibilities that 2018 hold. 

If you are a small business then it may be a good time to look at things that can help promote your business, or give it a more professional edge; your external signage.

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The Esky: History & Evolution

malleys esky
esky auto box 1953

The Esky is pretty much a standard piece of equipment for every house in Australia. In some families, there may even be an Esky that has been passed down through the generations. You know the one…

While we have all been in contact with one at some point in our lives, very few know about the history of the humble Esky, so here is a brief history our best friend in summer.

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Don’t throw away your foam packaging

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Polystyrene is the material of choice for a range of packaging applications, including electronic equipment, white goods, toys and other fragile products.

The benefits of using polystyrene packaging starts with the fact that it’s lightweight. Not adding any extra weight is a cost effective transportation solution that saves on costs and labour. It can be easily shaped to create form-fitting spaces to provide maximum protection for delicate and fragile items. Polystyrene is strong, sturdy, and has high compressive strength, making it ideal for protecting valuable items. 

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Getting your home ready for summer


With temperatures this week and next going into Christmas predicted to tip about 35-degrees, what else can you do to get your home ready for summer.

Polystyrene ceiling and underfloor insulation are effective to keep the heat out, and the cool air of the air-conditioning in.

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Can you repurpose Foamex products?

When people think of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam, or polystyrene foam in general, they tend to think of the foam hamburger containers from the 80’s, which was believed to be responsible for mass pollution and landfill. 

Since then there has been a massive change in public opinion, which has evolved into businesses becoming more responsible for their products, and not leaving it up to the public. This may have manifested itself in the way products are manufactured, such as the change of a process to reduce waste, or the composition of recycled and new materials used to make the product. Or the business could be offering a waste removal service, effectively removing the added responsibility from the end-user back to the producer. 

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Foamex supports national audit into cladding materials

In the wake of the Grenfell disaster in London and similar Melbourne Lacrosse building fire in 2014, the Australian media and local and state Government bodies have been driving investigations into potential buildings in Australia that could face the same dangers.

The material in question in the Grenfell disaster and the Melbourne Lacrosse building was aluminium sheeting bonded to a polyethylene core (PE). The use of polyethylene core (PE) has been linked to major building fires in other countries. 

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This Halloween, save a pumpkin!

When you mention ‘Halloween’, most people associate the holiday with being American only, specifically North American. However, while it is celebrated strongly in the US, its origins go back further than you would expect to ancient Celtic times in the UK. While this holiday is not as big in Australia as it is in the US, Halloween has started to gain traction, and each year it’s getting a little bigger. 

One decoration that is synonymous with Halloween is the carved pumpkin, or Jack-O-Lantern. While the traditional method involves carving out specially grown pumpkins, a cleaner, more modern approach is the use of foam to create Halloween pumpkins. Not only is this a great way in which to create decorations that last, the kids can also get involved with decorating, provided there is an adult available to supervise. 

How you carve and decorate your foam pumpkin is completely up to you, but here are some images of carved foam pumpkins that may provide some inspiration for you.

Foam pumpkins can be easily painted and decorated to suit your needs. Below you will find some very real looking foam pumpkins that have intricate designs carved in to them. 


Kurt Cobain   Haunted House  

However, your foam decorations do not have to just be restricted to pumpkins. For those who want to take it a little further, you can always try for larger, and more impressive props to scare the kids, and hopefully adults, this Halloween. Like the below:


 Frankenstein Foam Pillars 

No matter what type of decoration you are wanting to create, Foamex has the perfect foam for whatever your project may be. 

IMAGE SOURCES  supplied by user SavageEye on the ‘Halloween Forum’ under the ‘Halloween props’ section Pinterest Supplied by user ‘Vikeman’


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Make a meal of it – growth of prepared meal delivery sector

A quick scan of delivery vans in suburban streets shows the vast array of food businesses who have tapped into the delivery of prepared meals. Lite n’ Easy, Marley Spoon, You Foodz, Menu Log, Fresh Meals 2 u and the list goes on.

According to IBIS World research, demand for delivered prepared meals has increased over the past five years, as busier lifestyles have reduced the time consumers have to cook for themselves. 

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Innovative Council using Waffle pods to address construction cost challenges

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The job of maintaining and upgrading local roads, bridges and waterways is a constant challenge for local Councils, a balance between delivering good services for their community while working within budgets and timeframes.

Recently, MidCoast Council in NSW presented an innovative solution at the 2017 Association of Public Authority Surveyors NSW conference where they have used polystyrene waffle pods in a world’s first culvert construction method. 

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Extruded Polystyrene the victor in the fight against mould


Mould is a problem that not only affects the appearance of your home, but it can also have severe effects on the occupants living within. Mould is typically found in dark, damp, warm spaces and can start growing within 24-48 hours of the right conditions being present.

The most important element that mould needs to grow is moisture. Even if your home is well ventilated, if it has been raining for several days in a row, mould may be able to take hold due to the constant moisture in the air. 

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Fire rating of polystyrene used in EXPOL Underfloor Insulation

Foamex has been a long time member of EPSA, the peak body for manufacturers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in Australia and as such supports their recent media statement surrounding the materials used in the devastating Grenfell Tower building fire in the UK.

In the statement, EPSA alleviated the concerns that many people have had recently around EPS manufactured in Australia. 

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What happens to Expol in the case of a fire?

This is one question we get asked about a lot by our customers, and in light of recent overseas events, it is an important one.

EXPOL Underfloor Insulation has a fire retardant component built into every panel; which means when the panels are exposed to a small flame source, they will shrink away from the naked flame. When the flame is completely removed or extinguished, so too will the EXPOL underfloor insulation. So Expol does not add fuel to the fire.

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Efficiency and sustainability go hand-in-hand

Building sites can be a bustling hub of activity any time of the day. Filled with tradies, their apprentices, site supervisors and vehicles of all different shapes and sizes, jostling for limited space to get their work done. Which is why it’s important that great care is taken in ensuring a safe and efficient work site. But for this to happen, everyone on-site, or visiting, needs to play their part in making this happen. That’s why Foamex goes to great lengths to contribute to a well-run site.


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Why well insulated homes start at the edge

Slab edge can be responsible for approximately 80% of the slab’s total heat loss1,  with further research showing that thermal resistance does not significantly improve by fully extending the insulation under the slab or by increasing the thickness of the insulation under the slab.  The reason being that, with no insulation on the perimeter foundations, most of the heat is conducted along the slab2 and out through the exterior face of the footing.

This suggests that insulating slab edges is far more effective for preventing heat loss than insulating the underside of the slab.

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Foam, huh, yeah, what is it good for?

Polystyrene Propsec61c0152e903edac6221833aff46b44
Polystyrene Propsdonut foam props sculpture decoration 02
Polystyrene PropsCrackersquirmCosplay
Polystyrene Props32d20fe1e737cc784cc437134f784d71
Polystyrene PropsLINE X Troll and Alligator Movie Prop
Polystyrene Propspr
Polystyrene Propsburger foam props
Polystyrene Propspacific rim gipsy danger cosplay by nona neon
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Foam is a funny product. A soon as it’s mentioned most of us will automatically picture white chunks of packing foam that come with our electricals, white goods or in its ‘box’ form, used to transport foods that need to be packed with ice and kept cold.

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Underfloor Insulation – Keep the heat under your feet

With winter fast approaching, your thoughts are probably turning towards how to keep your house warm, without breaking the bank. 

There are many options you could choose. If you are wanting to heat a small room, you could use a portable electric heater. Their efficiency lays in being able to heat small areas quickly, however they can be expense to run. 

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Why home insulation matters all year round

It’s common knowledge that living expenses are not just high, but getting higher. Everything from running your car (petrol and insurance I’m looking at you) to the dreaded energy bill every quarter. That’s why households everywhere are trying to find ways in which money can be saved on everyday utilities and costs. 

The main culprits that draw shivers of fear when considered being used are the humble air conditioner or heater. Found lurking in the darkest corners of your room or mounted chameleon-like on walls, when turned on you can swear you hear your money being drained from your bank account to the rhythm of their warm or cooling breath.  It’s for this reason home insulation is vitally important all year round. 

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