By Foamex on Monday, 03 June 2013
Category: Polystyrene Insulation

Polystyrene – making your home more energy efficient

Energy efficiency and long term sustainability in buildings are not only good for the environment but also go a long way in saving you money by reducing your energy bills.

The exceptional R-Value of polystyrene used as insulation maximises your energy savings and comfort level in your home. The higher the R-Value, the more effective the insulation is in stabilising the temperature within your home.

Insulation protects your home against cold in winter and excess heat in summer, and can even assist with noise reduction.  Draught proofing your home is one key way to fight the outside elements and make your home more energy efficient.

Expol Underfloor Insulation is the ideal way to insulate and draught proof your home. The polystyrene insulation panels are placed snugly between your floor joists, ensuring a continuous insulated floor with no gaps for draughts to slip through (when correctly installed).

Expol Underfloor Insulation panels ensure your home is protected from the extreme outside temperatures under your floor, reducing your overall energy bills in both winter and summer.

Benefits of polystyrene EPS insulation can include:

Because of its excellent insulating properties and light weight feature, EPS actually saves natural resources during its lifetime.  EPS is also used in various wall and underslab residential applications.