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Insulate Your Home against Rising Power Costs

Insulate Your Home against Rising Power Costs

Insulation can save your family thousands of dollars, and now even more so with the introduction of little known changes to electricity laws.

Families are facing increases of up to $700 for running their air conditioner, or hikes of up to 15,000%, under changes to electricity laws that have been announced to commence in 2017. The changes to the cost of running an air conditioner have been made in an effort to encourage families to monitor their electricity usage, otherwise they may end up paying more to keep their family comfortable on hot days.

The new tariffs – at their most severe level – could apply a surcharge of up to $47 per kilowatt an hour to curb cooling appliance usage on the hottest days, meaning that you’ll have to juggle keeping the family cool in the summer and monitoring the family budget.

However, you can avoid the juggle and enjoy a cool home in the summer and a warm home in the winter by insulating your home with Foamex.

Poor insulation contributes to the excess use of energy in your home, and with the new changes affecting your cooling appliances, this is something you can’t afford to ignore. In fact, it’s estimated by the Australian Department of Industry and Science that insulation could save you up to 40% in heating and cooling bills. That’s because proper insulation allows you to cool or heat your home to a comfortable temperature, turn off your cooling or heating appliance, and keep that temperature steady by preventing the energy from leaking out.

Make sure to insulate your home against rising power costs and avoid the hike by contacting Foamex about our home insulation products today!

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