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Does increased energy efficiency help on auction day?


As home owners become savvier about energy efficient homes and the long term savings they can make in terms of heating and cooling costs, having a home that is already energy efficient is a very attractive selling point. By updating your home with extra layers of polystyrene insulation, such as Expol underfloor insulation, or by renovating or extending using polystyrene boards which have much more thermal properties than bricks, you could also be adding value to your home come auction day.

Heating and cooling your home make up the largest factor in your home’s energy consumption. According to the YourHome website, heating and cooling account for approximately 40 per cent of your total energy usage, so it makes sense to do what you can to increase the thermal properties of your home.

A UK 2013 report highlighted that energy efficient improvements can increase the value of your home by 38%. While this seems like a very high figure, houses that are more energy efficient are certainly easier to sell and often fetch higher prices.

A local study by carried out by the Australian Government Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts set out to look at whether a relationship exists between the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of a house and the sale price. The report found that if a house has a higher EER than another house, but in all other respects are the same, the house with the higher EER will command a higher price.

Take advantage of the long-term savings that a well-insulated home offers as well as the increased value in your property by contacting Foamex today!

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