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Beyond 6 Star: Foamex Expol Underfloor Insulation Helps Achieve PassiveHaus Certification Breakthrough

Beyond 6 Star: Foamex Expol Underfloor Insulation Helps Achieve PassiveHaus Certification Breakthrough

Polystyrene helps to achieve the highest results in insulating homes, and can also deliver 6 star performance at a significantly lower cost than other building products. One of the most cost effective ways to achieve optimum insulation in walls, roof and floor slabs, polystyrene acts by minimising thermal bridges between rooms and the exterior.

A demonstration of what can be achieved using Foamex polystyrene can be seen in the first certified Passive House (PassiveHaus) completed in Auckland recently. This project utilised Foamex Expol Underfloor Insulation to deliver on the stringent regulations of Passive House. This German energy rating system is even more rigorous than the tightest in our country!

Central to the home's performance is its airtight envelope achieved through attention to insulation and membrane detail in the slab, timber framing, roof and most importantly, all the junction points.

The ground level floors of the house are concrete poured over Foamex Expol 100mm thick EPS polystyrene insulation laid on top of a continuous layer of polythene. This sits on a layer of compacted sand on top of a porous hardfill.

Testing following its completion has estimated that the home will consume up to 75-90 per cent less energy in operation.

Foamex Expol Underfloor Insulation has been shown to reduce heating bills by up to 12%. Its insulating properties are well established, both in original construction and retrofitting under wooden floors, or even in pole houses.

Polystyrene offers major performance and cost advantages in many insulation applications, and it can be easily integrated into building projects at an early stage without specialist installers. For more information on Foamex’s wide range of polystyrene products click here.

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